48. Drown Your Sorrows

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January 7, 2013 by JimmyMarv


I had to say goodbye to David again. Again. AGAIN. So I was sad and devastated and tragic and crying. As I was going through security I was crying cuz I didn’t want to hold it in (I don’t think it’s good for you), and the security man looks at my ID and asks, “How you doin’, Jim?”

….There were so many things wrong with that.
A) Jim? Are you my doctor? Do you touch my ween? No? Then please refer to me as James, King James, or Deirdre St. James, Bookray?
B) …how often do you ask a crying person how they’re doing? I said I was doing OK. He then proceeded to make a joke about his meds. I appreciated that.

Then I sat waiting for my plane, and I was still crying a bit.  Someone I knew sat near me, but he didn’t talk to me. I think he wanted to let me cry. That was nice of him. Then a Delta attendant gave me this. I appreciated it. I was eating cookies at the time. I figure her reasoning was, “If his cookies AND a free drink can’t fix it… it must be love.”

That hunty was right.

This is me really trying not to stifle and to stay human.

“I’m in a battle with my heartbeat. The more I struggle the more I get deep. I go full throttle down the dark streets. And there is trouble ahead I get weak.
~”Fast Car” by Taio Cruz



(Everyone who lives in NYC is hung up on someone who doesn’t.)


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